Mumbo jambo/jomba

So i hear these two cherries chatting at the cafe the other day, “blah blah blah jomba is so cool this year blah blah…”
So i slide over all debonair like and explain that Im culturally challenged and all, and i ask for the low down, ive seen the posters with black people jumping around.

Turns out the one cherry is a real life dancer(no not that kind, i already asked) her name’s Shayna. “you must come see it tonight” she says “please you will like it”. before i know it ive committed like Jim Carrey in “yes man” and i tell the wife its culture for dinner and Im mighty hungry.
I suit up after work and off we go.

On arriving- its not a crowd i know well, normally i know 60% of the people in a room (partially cause its durban & very small and partially cause Im very popular) its an arty unfamiliar crowd, there are a few faces i know but Im in uncharted waters, these people dont look like they will take my silly, cocky remarks and constant goofing around so i slip into serious mode, it took minutes for everyone in the place to think i had a matric, i was like a stupid chameleon on a cultural leaf (quiet descriptive hey, Im getting better).
Through the crowd i see Shayna so i whip out my moleskin(that sounds bad):

Juddy poo – how do you take your coffee?

Shayna poo – single espresso in a tumbler, 100mls hot frothy milk & half a sugar

Juddy poo – so youve danced in one of these mumbo jumbos hey?

Shayna poo – yes twice and its Jomba, its a contemporary dance experience.

Juddy poo – fancy slogan,why dont they just say its kiff?

Shayna poo – wow you really dont have a clue

juddy poo – hey i went to red eye didnt i

Now folks, i didnt pitch up prepared like the last cultural thing, i phoned the larneys & told them i was press and i needed some info and pics (sneaky little weasel hey) so all  the photos are from Val Adamson who must’ve watched the whole show through her camera to get these puppys.

As we take our seats in the front row (i love being the 1st to see the show, and secretly yearn to be called up, i have a great Michael Flattly move Im just dying for the world to see) the cast are still stretching and doing little hops and spins and falls and shit like that, then i realise this is the show. The one guy(cast of 4, and some chick on a laptop) starts talking in a winy voice (later i found out he is swiss) he goes onto explain that we the audience will vote for the way the show unfolds. This sounds like its going to take longer then programme predicted, and with so much on t.v. tonight, i can just feel my blood pressure rising. I always saw the arts as an industry for people who couldnt waiter well, but within a few minutes i was hooked. When it came time to vote for backgorund music i was almost touching the theatre roof for my vote to be counted, i was caught up in the arts folks. i was knee deep in a production where i actually had a say in what was going on. when we asked to vote for them, i voted one way and everyone else voted the other way, i was mad at them (couldnt they see that that theme would clash with those outfits, had none of these people seen “dances with wolves”)

What a great intro into dance stuff for me, i take my hat off to these artist/dancers/performer a lot goes into these production.

In the foyer after the show i was proud as a peacock, i was strutting my stuff saying things like “i just knew that music would become to over powering with that theme, cant understand why anyone voted for it” in a heavy British accent. Shayna over heard me and was so proud too, the complete contemporary dance virgin was now a contemporary dance slut.

“whats next oh wise dance guru” i said to Shayna.
“Saturday night 7pm back here. dont be late” she replied with a sinister grin.

Thank God for p.v.r, cause this Sneddon theatre was eating into my telly time,was i going to miss the sharks game for my new friends in spandex,surely not.

Tune in for……….The Sneddon, Take Two: “Jomba boy returns”