Women, please stop reading now.

hello men, i feel that only you guys can understand what im going through over the last 3 days (see ive been unable to write until now) ive had the dreaded MAN FLU. now a women/girl/chicky just wouldnt understand the sheer pain and discomfort that we as men experieance, the worst they ever get is the sniffles(whop dee do) they never get real deal. my wife is one of the better ones in that she understands that a back tickle needs to last atleast 10mins over this difficult time for me/us. but she draws the line at picking up my tissues….thats right guys, my wife made me pick up my own tissues, every single on. and although she may be hunched over the stove as we speak making me an egg white omlette and topping up my single origin coffee as i type this, what has she actually done to help me through this nightmare that is MAN FLU. anyone can make a few wheatfree pizzas(because of my fat problem) or help me to the loo, but it just feels like she doesnt care. thats why i write to you men, youve all been where i am now, in the trenches, knee deep in a pool of your own pitty(and snotty tissues) and your wifes have turned thier back on you. in truth i dont know why i write, maybe just for a bit of simpathy.

anywho i must go, the wife is about to spoonge me down in a vicks bath(about bloody time hey).



One Comment on “Women, please stop reading now.”

  1. Obie says:

    Oh dear Juddy

    I think you gave me the dreaded man flu! I was man down all weekend! I felt like death!

    And what did my Girlfriend do for me??… Nothing… I think I need to send her for training with Chief!

    P.s. If my girlfriend hears about this, I’ll deny it to my grave!!