Lets free Willy

shame a humpback whale has washed up on ballito beach(front page of the mercury) it should bring the glue price down so rush out and buy some prit-stix. surely this would now be eco friendly glue, we cant blame the japs for this one, willy swam here on his own(maybe he had a heart attack, he couldve run with me, if he had legs, to keep off the weight) those whales really do eat anything they see (seafood diet, tee hee)

its going to rain today folks(yes ill still run in the rain) all this perspiring is great for our skin but i sell more coffee if it rains, may the heavens open so my cup runeth over(woke up in english glass during a macbeth lesson, heavy stuff hey)

wow guys andries botha (the guy who did the statue of shaka at the new airport) just walked in, im going to ask him 3 questions…wait here.

juddy poo:- how do you take your coffee?

andries poo:- filter coffee, seperate cold milk, no sugar

juddy poo:- did you put the old shaka statue in your garage?

andries poo:- no, its in my lounge

juddy poo:- will you do the big five anytime soon

andries poo:- no, but lots of other people want to.

nice guy very approacheable, and strong hand shake yikes.ok its busy i got to go.

love you all equally

juddy poo poo