I over took Bruce Fordyce during my afternoon run…

…not really, people did get out of my way though. Ill be honest it aint a pretty site when some poor old granny looks up and see`s me running at her, my once lose fitting t shirt is stuck to me like a rash vest, all the liquid in my body is squirting out my forehead and just under my….um…my man boobs (there i said it) i must look like a Barney running down the promenade, im sure i heard one guy say ‘shit bru, maybe you should turn back’ but not me, im no quitter, thats my 3rd run this week and its not easier but it is easier to make that turn down argyle road. for the last 3 months my running shoes, heart rate monitor & tight little running shorts (think menshealth front cover….may 2016) have been in the car and i just didnt have the will power to turn right down argyle on my way home and hit the new promenade. there is a deep burn in my lungs and my legs feel like lead covered in lead with lead running shoes but it seemed to end quicker today even though my time aint faster (like christinas hips my stop watch dont lie). the wife said when i lose 10kgs i can get a ipod(im the only guy down there without one) i think she wants to see if keep it up(the running i meant, sick people). shame she really is trying for a thinner hubby, she`s making me wheatfree pizzas with feta for dinner and lets me chill infront of the telly with wet towels wrapped around my legs….shes a keeper.

yours in running

juddy zola poo poo


One Comment on “I over took Bruce Fordyce during my afternoon run…”

  1. Samantha Trebilcock says:

    Keep it up ;0)