I came, i saw, i cultured.

fantastic night folks, art exhibitions are not silly and normal people can go. last night was an eye opener, the pieces(i got the lingo down hey) were really interesting, i think i was expecting huge canvases with paint thrown over it or like sunsets or boring shit and then id have to write this coloumn as a huge lie, but hell now folks durban has some very talented kids (i even walked around the gallery twice). the best thing was the crowds vibe, the wife and i sat down at a table of rappers, actors,dancers,graffiti artists & performers and told them about me being as cultured as the salad valley at spur and they all offered to help on my road to cultural salvation(its already starting, see how i sound more enlightened)

i also did an indepth interview with richard hart

juddy poo:- how do you take your coffee?

richy poo:- i dont drink coffee my wife does.

juddy poo:-which is your favourite piece?

richy poo:- my cod piece

juddy poo:- can i have a free artwork from you?

richy poo:- no

folks you are witnessing the metamorphisis from artistcally challenged to what i hope will be my awakening(release the cracken)
i took my little note pad(nancy drew i know) and my new friends gave me pages of upcoming events from book launches to club openings.

finally the little blonde with lip ring and the ladders in her stockings….nice.


4 Comments on “I came, i saw, i cultured.”

  1. bukwilde says:

    Hello poo being.
    Nice to see you out and about earning your wings at some the more profound social gatherings you player you!
    I ate at the red container yesterday and true to form, the loyal market we know as Durban were there oooooohing and aaaahing at the Roake menu, somewhat impractical egg design and the courage of putting a space together down in the lower greyville/stamford hill side of town.
    Roakes food gets a pretty darn good star, especially the ridiculously sublime mushroom soup as does the camp half filled tumbler of exotic fresh juice served with crushed ice.The touch of all touches is the peppermint strip inside the old tin box with the bill.
    The corner where Judd and the blonde lives has managed to skirt these groovy little touches with a more hands on, honest and humble greenville, fingered approach.
    i guess when the toasted sami is all done and dusted, its just great to see a little Durban renaissance taking place at the moment.
    Poo, keep the silk streaming out of that twisted pip you brand muffin you!
    Bukwilde (bearded for now)

  2. michele knox says:

    hahahahaha what a start to my morning!! such a good laugh. keep it up!

  3. Fred Hatman says:

    As I keep saying to you, but you don’t listen because of all that coffee running intravenously through your clean-shaven and about-to-be-svelte body, you’re a very beautiful child, JuddyPoo. And now I’m going to link to your blog. Not because you’re getting all arty and some of that might rub off on me but because this blog of yours is going to become famous and all and get millions of views in Chechnya so it’s def a business decision, OK? Good boy.