See, there are other freaks who cant handle thier coffee.

Monday 7:30 am? I got this for you:

I camped out on a Sunday night Corner and came at a Monday morning with a concrete caffeine kick like WHAT! BAM! Straight to the gut! Bow down to my “JUDD-style”…

I got my Monday kick and

transformed my Tuesday into

an immediate Friday the way I

glided through Wednesday and

transcended Thursday so when

Saturday settled I was already styling as I set up my Sunday camp, camping out on The Corner, dreaming about my Monday dominance all over again

…coffee at The Cafe anyone?

“Iain EWOK Robinson loves his Corner Cafe connection.  His second book PIMP MY POETRY launches at St Clements, Musgrave Road, next Monday 23rd 7pm.”

its judd again, not sure what the above means, but how can i miss his second book launch when i clearly missed his 1st book launch.

maybe i should become fit and cultured all before my 35th birthday (10th january, xl shirt, 34 pants) thats it folks chubby and un-cultured is so last season….behold the new me, im going to drink in all that this city has to offer. i have 5 months to lose 10kgs and bulk up on culture. tonights out because i went for a run and lost all feelings in my legs (i ran for 26mins with a heart rate average of 144) but i didnt stop i ran like a crazed gazelle on heat, but tomorow ill start… any ideas folks?


4 Comments on “See, there are other freaks who cant handle thier coffee.”

  1. Keri says:

    inspired by EWOK’s transcendental approach to the week!

  2. Samantha Trebilcock says:

    You can burn up to 300 calories during 1 hour of vigorous ‘boom boom’!!!!!!!! ;0)