I feel gassy and bloated and i cant see the tip of my………

……toes. ive eaten enough wheat and meat in the last two weeks (comfort eating) to realise that i need to stop right now or look like that guy in “seven” who ate himself to death. oh and dont get me started on the booze the first two weeks of august saw me drink more than my last year in high school.
in short folks its time to hit the promenade again this week, my giant brick is ready ( i poured concrete into a box, what i saw it in the mens health shit, atleast im trying) its a 4 week programme that the special forces do( i know what you are thinking, thats why ive halved all the amount of reps and situps etc basically ive turned it into an 8 week juddy poo poo course)

the next time you see me ill be buff, tough and wont be smoking anymore stuff(that all ryhmes if you go back and read it again…..ill wait here)

its dawned on me this weekend that a guy who doesnt think his coffee is the best in the world, is a doos(shit english is one thing afrikaans is another) i miss my coffee on sundays, the cafes i went to had great coffee, but my pallate wants only one coffee. the thing garfield and i disagree on is mondays he hates them i love them……..free coffee, vats of the stuff, i could pour it all over myself, bath in it, its warms like a blanket of caffeine that lets me be me. dark coffe my old friend ive come to drink with you again…….ive gone too far havent i.

the wifes changing the menu this week, and because its our annivesresary (come on thats a tough one) we are serving all the items that sold very well over the last 3 years fish cakes etc

i love my life and everyone in it except you Mrs Sars

juddy buff special forces waiter poo


4 Comments on “I feel gassy and bloated and i cant see the tip of my………”

  1. Shirl says:

    So does this mean we’re going from ‘stomach out – chest in’ to ‘stomach in – chest out’ … Env’ your body stuff?

  2. Greg Kilmartin says:

    glad to see some of us are trying to maintain or regain some former glory. I blame my children from my poor effort in this. You unfortunately cannot blame anyone . . . . I hope. G out