Myprodol is good for you

now thats a party, great food, free drinks, hot chicks and enough dessert to drop a horse…..nay.

had our 3 year bash last night, fantastic. its like my wedding in that you only invite the people you really want, and if anyone complains that i left them off the list then i just use the “you are joking how did i forget to invite you” speech, they go away wondering if they come round enough to be counted as regulars and step up thier visits in an attempt to make the list for next year, its a win win thing they get even more great coffee and i get wealthy….i love my life, cause no one gets hurt.

what a day, went to the beach early after shooting 2 myprodol with my blood pressure meds, my head felt like i had been in a fight (and although i won the fight the other guy got in a few lucky punches into my forehead). stopped at cafe jirran for double esspresso(4th best coffee in durban i hear) the sea was flat with these huge patches of sardines everywhere, it was a craker start to the day. shot home to pick up my bitches (my dogs) and the wife stopping off at vida (5th best coffee shop in durban i hear) for a double esspresso on the way to the park wind picked up so did my need to chunder lasts night evil out the system, then as if buy magic my wife turned to me and said those 12 words every man wants to hear “lets spend the rest of the day on the couch watching telly” i went all mushy, through the dogs into the fun bus, shot home and just before i hit that couch i just wanted to tell you that i love you all.

what a week, ive earned this couch time.

the waiter, retired.


One Comment on “Myprodol is good for you”

  1. Lilla says:

    i now hav a Judd-Bean on my TATa and i’m loving it 🙂 Fab b-day party Juddy poo poo and Jeannie poo poo – awesome sauce!