My friend is dead, long life my friend.

ahh folks (content almost like a lion sighing). we scatted my friends ashes today, thanks be to God that there wasnt a strong south easterly and we got it in the face, i finally have closure that comes at the end of a shitty 2 weeks. i cried infront of hundreds of people for the first time since that time at swimming lessons at school when i got out the pool with an……story for another time.

it feels like im allowed to be happy again, without sounding too much like dr phil, a weight has been lifted, the suns out, the weather is warmer again and the sardines are here….(dr phil wouldnt know anything about sardines though). in a nutshell im doing well and im not taking anything or anyone for granted, im happy to be alive and im making sure im not leaving any relationships in a bad state.

oh and hows this cool blog thing i got, cool hey its brand new and its all mine, mine, mine. the reason i got it is that lately im really enjoying this writting thing. sure i cant spell, punctuate/!`, construct sentences and basically even hellen keller writes better than me but it allows me to vent, express myself (oh shit there is that dr phil again) also i feel bad about making you all read my dribble, when it comes on face book its in your face. now though ill just send you kind folk a link and you open or dont open its up to you, the ball is in your court.

whats new, um oh shit i forgot…today friday the 13th in the year of our lord 2010, my little cafe is 3 years old. i remember the opening like it was yesterday, picture it…………2007 i wasnt married (free to be with other women) the cafe was suppossed to open on the 1st of march but we got so behind that we only opened in august, landlord wanted rent from the last 5 months, we didnt have enogh money for opening stock, and i had to go on blood pressure medicine. fast forward 3 years, we have done pretty well, im still on my meds but its pumping here, we havent had a quite day in over 2 years and all is good in the wood (glenwood).


3 Comments on “My friend is dead, long life my friend.”

  1. juddypoo says:

    cant believe i feel apart like that what a total loser guy, but shit i feel much better after a huge cry

  2. juddypoo says:

    did u finish all the free wine or what my china

  3. juddypoo says:

    thanx champ its much fun, im free like a giant free thing